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Car Hire Commercial Conditions

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When you make a booking through Victoriacars website, you booked your car hire with the indicated car rental supplier that shows on the car rental booking confirmation. Car rental supplier can be Victoriacars company itself or another company, according to the destination and the availability of vehicles at the time of making your booking.

For providers other than Victoriacars , you can consult the specific conditions of each supplier at the time of making your booking. When you pick up the vehicle, you will sign a car rental contract with the car rental supplier indicated on your booking confirmation and for the same rate indicated on the confirmation. However, the supplier reserves the right to apply additional fees as a result of local peculiarities. These rates will be properly detailed in the Terms and Conditions of your contract with the car rental supplier.

Below you will find the general car rental commercial conditions of Victoriacars . If you have any questions about these terms, please contact Victoriacars at telephone number 0034 965 830 254 or by E-mail at .

Victoriacars commercial conditions

Alicante Airport – Valencia Airport – Calpe Office and deliveries Costa Blanca.

  1. •  What is included in the rate?
  2. •  Free airport service
  3. •  Deliveries in offices
  4. •  Inter-branch hiring
  5. •  Fuel and mileage
  6. •  Payment method
  7. •  Accessories, Additional drivers and Novice drivers
  8. •  Standards for child´s safety seats and booster seats
  9. •  GPS Navigations System
  10. •  Insurance
  11. •  Breakdowns, accidents and fines.
  12. •  Requirements
  13. •  Driving restrictions
  14. •  Amendments, cancellations and extensions
  15. •  Reservations

1.   Our prices include:

  • All taxes included: 21% VAT.
  • Airport taxes.
  • Compulsory insurance and driving insurance.
  • Liability insurance for damages to third parties.
  • Collision damage insurance (CDW).
  • Theft insurance (THW).
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Cancellations and amendments.
  • Pay on arrival.
  • 24h emergency contact service.
  • Road assistance

2. Airport service.

The place of delivery of your vehicle is situated, in the majority of cases, in the area of the airport parking lot (the exact location appears informed in your car hire booking confirmation), thus making more rapid and efficient this delivery. For Alicante and Valencia Airports there is an extra charge of maximum 40€ for pick-up and/or drop off of the vehicle outside office hours, between 22:00h and 07:00h.

Due to the delay of a flight or any reason that is outside the car rental supplier control the vehicle is delivered outside office hours, there will be a applied an extra charge for out of office hours.

  3. Deliveries in the office.  

Vehicles will be collected at the indicated mentioned office address, and must conform both delivery and collection to the office hours.

  4. One-way reservations.  

Depending on the selected source destination you may return the vehicle in a different office from Victoriacars . In this case, there will be applied an extra cost for displacement between different offices (One Way). The cost of this service, between 20 and 50€, depends on the destinations of pick-up and drop off and will be shown when making the reservation. 

5. Fuel and mileage.  


Fuel is not included in the rental price. The vehicle will be delivered with a full tank of fuel which the customer must pay in full .

The customer can choose under following two fuel options:

1-       Full with refund for unused fuel : Vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel which the customer must pay when picking-up the vehicle plus refuelling service cost (25€+IVA). When returning the vehicle the remaining fuel in the tank will be refunded back. Refuelling service charge is not refundable in any case. Fuel reimbursement will be paid in the same office where the vehicle is returned.

2-       Full - Empty : Vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel which the customer must pay when picking-up the vehicle and can be returned empty. Choosing this fuel method no service or refuelling fees will be charged, or any amount will be refunded for remaining fuel in the tank.


For rentals of 5 days or more, the rate includes unlimited mileage. For rentals of 1 to 4 days, there is a limit of 150 Km/day. The excess of that limit shall be paid at the rate of 0,15 €/km. 

6. Payment method.  

Payment can be done only and exclusively with credit card (VISA, Mastercard or similar).

The acceptance of a debit card by VictoriaCars involves that the customer has to hire the Super Relax Insurance.

The credit or debit card holder has to be on the name of the contract holder and main driver of the rental contract and has to be present at the moment of collecting the car, so that the car can be delivered.

Remember that for your bookings made through Internet,   VictoriaCars   uses a secure server, so your data are sent encrypted securely through Internet.

7. Accessories, Additional drivers and Novice drivers

Along with your vehicle you can book child´s safety seats, booster seats, GPS, snow chains etc. Depending on the number of vehicle seats the vehicle has, you will be able to book from 1 to 6 accessories. The cost of these accessories will be displayed during your booking process.

Customer is responsible for returning these accessories in same conditions they were delivered.

Additional drivers

It is identified that the additional driver is each one who, meeting the requirements to be able to drive the rented vehicle, figures in the rental contract as additional driver, this being different from main driver or rental contract holder.

Additional drivers must be present when formalizing the rental contract, having to show all necessary documents to accredit themselves as able to meet the established requirements to drive the rented vehicle.

The rental price does not include the additional driver service. Car rental contract holder must request and pay for this service as an extra.

Important!!!: both in Victoriacars included insurance and optional contracted insurance by the customer are only valid when the driver of the vehicle figures as authorized driver of the rental contract, meaning you must include all people who will drive the vehicle as additional drivers so they are all included in the coverage of the contracted insurances.

Novice drivers

The minimum age to appear as authorized driver is 22 years old with a minimum age of driver´s licence of 2 years.

In the event of being younger than 25 years old or not having a minimum of 2 years of driver´s licence, you will have to hire an optional insurance for “Novice Driver” to figure as authorized driver and will be required to take the Super Relax Insurance for that driver.

8.   Standards for child's safety seats and booster seats.

In Spain , it is compulsory until 12 years old or minimum height of 135 cm the use of a compulsory approved restrained, adapted to the weight and height of the child. This device must be installed at rear seats of the vehicle.

The offered child's safety seat (suitable from 9 months to 2 years old) and booster seats (from 2 years to 13 years old) with the hired car, are quality approved and correspond to European standards.

VictoriaCars   offers the possibility to rent these optional extras, but will not install them in the vehicle.

It is the customer who must install these optional extras (in case you don´t know how to do this, the provider offers to tell you the proper instructions) and customer shall be solely responsible for the correct fitting and the possible consequences of fitting it.

9.   GPS Navigation System.  

The availability of the GPS unit can not be guaranteed by online reservation and is subject to availability at the time of delivery of the vehicle. If the GPS navigation system is not available on car rental pick-up date we will refund the correspondent amount.

The client is 100% responsible for the whole GPS unit system at all times from the moment of delivery until its returns, which corresponds from the date and timer of car pick-up until date and time of car drop off. The GPS unit has to be given back by one's own hand to the member of staff of Victoriacars , who also is in charge of your rental car's return.

This device (and all the items included in the package) is NOT included in the purchased insurance for the vehicle. In case of theft, loss or is damage of GPS or any item included in the package, the customer must pay an amount as compensation. The compensation amount depends of the car rental provider.

The GPS rental rate assumes a normal use of the device, wear and tear, which may occur during the rental period. However, scratches, cracks, dents or missing parts that are noticed upon return will result in charges as compensation.

All optional extras included in the rental vehicle are cleaned prior to being shipped out for rental. Please DO NOT attempt to clean the GPS unit as some chemicals or moisture may damage the GPS unit display or any possible internal component, which would also be considered reason for compensation.

As you know, taking your eyes off the road while driving could cause to have an accident. You should not be programming or adjusting your GPS unit while driving, do this while you are not driving or make sure a passenger can take care of it.

10. Insurance.

Victoriacars rental rates include the coverage of the compulsory driving insurance and insurance for damages caused due collision, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

10.1 Compulsory driving insurance:

What includes the Compulsory Driving Insurance?

Compulsory Driving Insurance includes the coverage of the Compulsory Insurance for Automobiles and Supplemental Liability for damages against third parties of 50.000.000 € as a result of using and driving the vehicle.

For purposes of the insurance, third parties like spouses, ancestors, descendants and brothers or relatives of the renter or authorized driver, as well as its partners or persons who have with the same commercial relationship, labor or dependency, are not considered.

These covers are guaranteed and assumed by Victoriacars insurance company, and they are subject to the insurance policy general and particular clauses of the same and the Law.

By signing the vehicle rental contract, the hirer, as the insured, accepts and adheres to the aforementioned insurance policy, which are available to customers on request at all offices.

10.2 Damage insurance due collision, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW):

Victoriacars rental rates is included the compulsory Damage insurance due collision CDW, which imply the exemption (except the franchise amount) of any responsibility for damages caused to the vehicle in case of accident.

The DCW is a service included in our rates, directly provided by Victoriacars which exempts the hirer (except the franchise amount) any economical responsibility for the damages caused to the vehicle at the time of a traffic accident, excluding those caused by acts of vandalism.

The CDW is only applicable in the event of collision if the hirer sends Victoriacars a full details of the third party and possible witnesses before 24h have elapsed as well as a complete accident report, stating all details of the vehicle and drivers who are involved in the accident and conditions and circumstances of the collision.

In certain offices, Applicable General Rate sets a minimum amount paid for by the hirer (franchise) for damages and/or loss caused to the vehicle, which are not covered by the CDW. This franchise amount, which depends on the rented type of vehicle, must be guaranteed with the franchise itself or through contracting the Super Relax Insurance.

What is NOT included in the CDW?

This cover expressly exclude:  

  • Total or partial loss, nor car damage caused to the interior of the vehicle due theft and/or vandalism and/or fire.
  • Damages, losses, or any other damage sustained in the luggage, goods or personal items carried in the vehicle.
  • Damages to tyres, alloy wheels and hubcaps.
  • Damages to the interior of the vehicle.
  • Damages to interior and/or rear view mirror.
  • Damages to front/rear windows.
  • Damages to locks.
  • Damages to the undercarriage.
  • Damages to clutch, engine, sump, gear transmission, catalytic converter and radiator.
  • Battery recharge costs.
  • Costs for loss of keys.
  • Costs for tow-truck assistance. Tow-truck and/or taxi transfer after an accident, deposit for vehicle replacement and compensation for lost rental days while the vehicle is being repaired.
  • Special cleaning.
  • CDW does not cover any damage caused to roof part of the vehicle, what ever it car category is, due to collision with bridges, tunnels, trees, garages and garage doors, or any other object as a result of an incorrect height estimation of the driver.
  • CDW does not cover any damage caused to the vehicle, what ever it car category is, as result of being overloaded, above of the limits authorized on Circulation Permit and/or Technical Tab of the vehicle or by driving the vehicle on inappropriate roads, beaches, mountains, forest roads… what are not authorized and paved roads; those occurred by driving against stones or rocks or any other object and bumps found on the road; and those occurred on wheels and tyres by driving against curbs due to parking manoeuvres. Nor the CDW will cover any damage to the vehicle due to water flood due to the weather or any other cause, when vehicles have been left parked in areas of streams or not paved watercourses, and in any case when the vehicles were not properly parked in paved areas specifically for parking vehicles.
  • CDW does not cover damages caused to the rented vehicle due to lack of attention, reckless or negligent driving. Nor does it cover any damage doing parking manoeuvres due to a lack of attention or no appreciation of the distance of objects.
  • The CDW coverages are not applicable in case of non-fulfilment by the hirer of any of these General Conditions, and particularly regarding the use and driving the vehicle in accordance with the basic driving and circulation rules, and according to the specifications of use of the vehicle type, when the accident occurred by not having respected the hirer the Stop nor Give Way signs, not respecting stop lights, by driving in the opposite direction, or hitting other vehicles while driving and not respecting the safety distance, or in general for not respecting the traffic rules or agents.
  • The CDW coverages are not applicable in the event the costs to repair the vehicle due to the caused damages or partial theft are less or equal to the franchise established in the Applicable General Rate for each category and/or group of vehicle, in which case of costs, up to the limit of the franchise, will always be paid for by the hirer.
  • The CDW coverages will not be applicable in case of accident the hirer does not present a complete filled in and signed accident report form within 24h since the accident has occurred, except justified force majeure situations, and in any case always before end date of the rental contract. However, not bringing in the Accident Report Form by the hirer, will involve a minimum charge of 100 € + VAT, whatever the damage costs are the vehicle has on return date, the amount of whish in any case can be invoiced by the lessor in case of non-applicability of the CDW coverages pursuant to this article.
  • The THW coverages are not applicable in case the hirer does not make an official complaint at the police authorities in the event of total or partial theft of the vehicle same day it takes place, and does not present to the lessor within 24h the original complaint since its formalization, except justified force majeure situations, and in any case always before end date of the rental contract.
  • CDW nor the THW will cover in any case the losses, theft or damages related to objects or goods, even luggage or merchandise, transported, placed or left in the vehicle by the hirer or by any of its occupants.
  • When, in accordance of what is estipulated of the present General Conditions, the CDW and THW exemptions are applicable, the hirer will be responsible of payment for all repairs carried out on the vehicle, such as a compensation for in lieu of immobilization of the vehicle.
  • The rental rates covers the losses and damages of the vehicle in case of spontaneous fire, where this occurs not as a result of traffic accident or total or partial theft or vandalism, in which case governs according to this article.
  • CDW and THW coverage can be hired for drivers/hirers with ages between 22 and 25 years old, it shall be compulsory that within the contract rental amount must reflect an extra charge for “Novice Driver” which is applied for drivers/hirers of these ages.

The acquisition of this insurance implies exclusively that the customer is solely responsible for damages caused to the vehicle in case of being stolen, fire or vandalism. In case of not hiring additional coverages from the “Super Relax Insurance”, VictoriaCars reserves the right to charge a deposit up to 3.000 € as a guarantee for the damages not covered by the CDW insurance. This deposit, which depends on the type of vehicle, will be used as on account payment in the event of any damage caused to the vehicle which is not covered by the CDW insurance. Once completely evaluated the damages to the vehicle, the amount to be paid will be adjusted with the retained amount. This deposit amount can be avoid by hiring the “Super Relax Insurance”.

10.2.1 Price list for damages not included in the Compulsory Driving Insurance nor in the CDW.









AA, A1, A


C, CC, D, E

G , F, FR, H, H1

B1, C1, D1, F2, H2






680,00 €

650,00 €

550,00 €





175,00 €

165,00 €

145,00 €





310,00 €

290,00 €

270,00 €





6.300,00 €

6.700,00 €

4.700,00 €





270,00 €

250,00 €

230,00 €





1.350,00 €

1.150,00 €

920,00 €





390,00 €

385,00 €

360,00 €





365,00 €

365,00 €

350,00 €





190,00 €

175,00 €

165,00 €





220,00 €

205,00 €

195,00 €





220,00 €

215,00 €

205,00 €





70,00 €

65,00 €

55,00 €






















There is the possibility to hire an optional insurance “Super Relax” to cover totally or partially all risks excluded from the Isurance included in the rates of Victoriacars : Compulsory Driving Insurance and CDW.

10.3 Super Relax Insurance (Optional)

Travel with no worries. Hiring the “Super Relax Insurance” you will prevent all risks and you will not have to leave any deposit amount

This optional insurance includes:

- Coverage for all the benchmarks excluded in the Compulsory Driving Insurance and CDW(*).

- Damages to bodywork of the vehicle

- Collision insurance (CDW) and Fire (FR) with no Franchise.

- Theft insurance (THW) with no Franchise

- Insurance for tyres, wheels, front/rear windows and glasses (SI).

- Personal medical assistance insurance for driver and passengers (PAI).

- Tow truck service in case of accident or breackdown.

- Compensation for the days that the vehicle cannot be used in case of accident.


Car hire includes

Seguro Súper Relax

Third party insurance

Theft insurance

Personal accident insurance

No deposit guarantee

Insurance for all occupants and passengers

Bodywork insurance


Damage to tyre and wheels

Damage to locks

Damage to undervarriage

Damage to clutch

Damage to roof-bonnet

Wing mirrors

Full breackdown service. (Including tow truck costs)


(*) With the exception of those who are exluded in ALL the insurances (refer to section 10.4 of these conditions)

In certain offices and for certain car groups, there may exist a minimum amount (franchise) up to 200 € for any possible damage caused to the vehicle in case of not presenting a complete filled in and signed accident report, specially due negligence, lack of attention or acts of vandalism.

The Super Relax Insurance has a maximum daily up to 15 € and a maximum cost per rental contract according to destination and car group, indicated when formalizing your car rental reservation.  


  • Personal belongings inside the vehicle
  • Traffic fines, tolls and any charge attributable to the driver of the vehicle.
  • Loss or damage of the car keys or remote control.
  • Improper refuelling
  • Stolen of the vehicle with car keys in the contact or because as a result of stolen of the car keys.
  • Damages on undercarriage of the vehicle*, impairment of the interior of the vehicle or its moving parts (baby seats, GPS, documentation, triangles, safety vests, shelfs, clamb…).
  • Damages caused to third parties or to the vehicle itself due negligence, inappropriately driving or by not respecting traffic regulations.
  • Damages or situations caused by driving under alcohol and/or drugs effects.
  • Special cleaning in case the vehicle is returned manifestly inappropriate dirty both inside or outside, specially mud, sand,… with a maximum amount of 150 €.

(*)Undercarriage of the vehicle

It is to be understood that “Undercarriage of the vehicle” are the following parts:
On the sides of the vehicle: area situated underneath the doors including the side panels.
At the front: area underneath the front bumper.
At the back: area underneath the rear bumper.
Underneath (non visible part): Area on the underside of the vehicle that protects the car's engine and other parts of the vehicle.

10.5 Theft Insurance (THW, Theft Waiver)

Victoriacars rental rates is included the compulsory Damage insurance in the event the vehicle is stolen, which imply the exemption (except the franchise amount) of any responsibility for damages caused to the vehicle in case of theft. This franchise amount, which depends on the rented type of vehicle, must be guaranteed with the franchise itself or through contracting the Super Relax Insurance.

Liability exemption for total or partial theft of the vehicle, and damage caused to it by acts of vandalism.

  • The THW is an optional service provided directly by the Lessor, exempting the hirer, through its signing-up, the financial liability for total or partial theft of the vehicle and the damage caused to it by these reasons and/or vandalism.
  • The non-recruitment of THW implies financial responsibility for the hirer for damages or losses due to theft of all or part of the vehicle and compensation for immobilization.
  • The THW is only applicable if the hirer return to the Lessor the keys back of the vehicle (the original set of keys that were given at the time the rental contract was formalized) without any manipulation, with the original incident report submitted to the authorities within 24h since the incident.

10.6   Personal Accident Insurance for drivers and passengers (PAI)

The PAI is an insurance, primarily indicated for the driver of the vehicle, which is not protected by the compulsory driving insurance coverage or the complement of liability insurance for death and/or permanent disability, nor in the case of medical costs as result of a traffic accident.
This insurance covers medical expenses and compensation for death and/or permanent disability of the driver and passengers (only applicable in the case of an accident within Spanish territory).  
The PAI is a personal accident insurance to cover the reimbursement of medical expenses following an accident. It is a guarantee for death and/or permanent disability compensation of the occupants of the vehicle.

10.7 Customer requirements to ensure the coverages.

Coverages of the Collision Damage Insurance (CDW) as well as for the “Super Relax Insurance” are completely guaranteed providing that:

- In the event of collision, hirer sends to   Victoriacars   the full details of the third party and any whitness before 24h have elapsed, as well as a completed accident report form   "Amicable Accident Report" -DAA-   stating the number plate, the name and address of the third party, the circumstances of the collision, a sketch of the accident, the name of the third party insurance company and, if possible, the number of the insurance policy. The accident report form must be signed by the two drivers involved in the accident. If there is no accident report form, the party must complete a "Claims Report" provided by   Victoriacars .

- That the insurance company does not refuse to accept the claim because of not driving the vehicle, at the time of the accident, in a physical and mental condition required by the Highway Code.

- The collision, theft, fire or act of vandalism was not a result of   non-authorised use   of the vehicle.

- Hirer sends notice of the collision, theft, fire or act of vandalism caused to the vehicle within 24h of the event, together with the relevant documents (accident report, incident report submitted to the authorities, aso.)

10.8 Cancellation insurance

By purchasing for the Cancellation Insurance we guarantee to reimburse the booking amount (less the insurance amount) in the event of cancellation. Please note that the cancellation must be made at least 48 hours before car pick-up. The insurance amount depends on the selected car group and car rental supplier.

11. Breakdowns, accidents and fines.  

In case the vehicle receives a fine during the rental period, the customer will be solely responsible for the entire extent of the fine. In which case the hirer is responsible for full payment as well as a 30 € traffic fine management fee, for each of the received traffic fines. In case of accident, there is a charge of 50 € by way of the accident management and insurance procedures.

12. Requirements.

The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 22 years old and the minimum driving experience is 2 years. If you do not accomplish any of these requirements, please contact us.

The driver or drivers of the vehicle must possess a valid European Union driving licence, whose original document must be presented when on pick up date of the vehicle (photocopies will not be accepted).

Original N.I.F. or passport so as a valid credit car are required at the moment of picking up the vehicle.

  13. Driving restrictions.  

It is absolutely forbidden to drive the vehicle out of Spanish territory (as well as to Ceuta , Melilla , Balearic Islands and Canary Islands ).

It is absolutely forbidden to transport animals or goods that can damage, deteriorate or spoil the vehicle.

Do not forget to respect the traffic regulations. The hirer will be held responsible of any fine or traffic offence to the vehicle during the rental period.

14. Changes, cancellations and extensions.


If you have decided to purchase for the Cancellation Insurance, in case of any cancellation the amount of your booking will be reimbursed back to your account less the insurance amount and at least 48h in advance. In case you have not purchased for the cancellation insurance, in case you decide to cancel your booking, the total booking amount less 15% will be reimbursed back to your account.

Amendments and Extensions

You may amend or extend your booking without any extra cost if you inform us in at least 48h before pick up date, but always subject to the availability of the vehicle.

In case of no show at the place and at the agreed time to pick up the vehicle without having previously notified, shall be cause for cancellation of the reservation. In this case, we may charge you up to 15% of the booking amount (in concept of processing and displacement expenses) and should be adjusted to office hours and staff availability to pick up your vehicle if you are still interested in renting it.

15.   Bookings.  

Due to variations in the vehicle fleet,   Victoriacars cannot guarantee you that the model and type of vehicle you have chosen is the one that you finally pick up. However, you will always receive a model of the same category car and, in case of not having the requested car group available, your will receive a superior car group without any additional charge.

IMPORTANT:  No car will be released out if the customer does not present a confirmed flight ticket when picking up the vehicle (at LEAST the return flight ticket). In case of not being able to present a confirmed flight ticket, you must present an official document proving that they reside in Spain before when picking up the vehicle (e.g. a water or electric bill etc.).

IMPORTANT:   If you reserve a car group H1 vehicle, be aware that this vehicle is considered as a "adapted crossover." This implies that the maximum speed on highway is 100 km/h and 90 km/h on national roads. The company is not responsible for the consequences which would result in case of not respecting these limits.

IMPORTANT:   Any additional cost accrued by chance of national, regional or local legislations is payable by the hirer, confirmed or not in the conditions or rental rates.

IMPORTANT:   The translation of these general therms and conditions are for information purposes only and are not legally binding. Only the original copy in Spanish is considered legally valid.

You can reserve your vehicle through:

  • Through this Web Site
  • By E-mail at
  • By telephone 0034 965 830 254
  • By fax 0034 965 832 000
  • By SKYPE:

Thanking you for trusting   Victoriacars . More than 30 years providing the best service to its customers.